Minting BubbleHeadz!

Mint Address (send ADA here):


1x BubbleHeadz = 7 ADA



Minting Steps - using NMKR Studio:

1. You can mint 1x per transaction. No limit on the # of transactions per wallet.

2. Do Not send ADA from an exchange. If you do, you will NOT receive your BubbleHeadz NFT & lose your ADA.

**Only use a Native Cardano Wallet like, Nami, Eternl, Yoroi, Daedalus, etc.

3. Send exact amount of ADA to the Minting Address above.

**Exact amount of ADA must be sent for a successful transaction, otherwise a refund will automatically be issued.

4. Upon completion of your transaction, you'll automatically receive your BubbleHeadz in the wallet used.